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Test Applications
Test Applications
Versant has been used worldwide by universities, companies, and governments for a large variety of applications. Below we offer some ways you might consider using the Versant English Test for academic or workforce needs.
Academic Applications
Entrance exams - Admit students who will be able to function well in an English-speaking environment by testing prospective students before they are accepted.
Placement, exit, or benchmarking purposes - Make sure your students are placed in the right English course and monitor their progress throughout the course.
Qualify international teaching assistants (ITAs) - Give teaching assistant positions to graduate students who can communicate well in English. The Versant English Test can be administered to ITA candidates remotely or once they arrive at your institution. The Versant English Test meets or exceeds the accuracy and reliability of traditional tests such as SPEAK and TSE.
Workforce Applications
Screen job candidates - Assess a candidate's English abilities before spending resources on interviews or before making a final hiring decision.
Evaluate employees for promotions, international duties, or upper level management - Ensure that your staff can function in the global economy and that they represent your business well.
Test large and/or geographically dispersed groups of people - Administer tests remotely anytime, anywhere, and to as many people as you need.
Assess service employees - The communication abilities of your service employees will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Measure all of your service employees with an accurate and objective test of their spoken English capabilities.